Travel Tips: Part I

These are some pretty great tips!

Last weekend (while we were already on vacation mind you) my husband booked our next vacation to Portland, Oregon!  If you have been keeping track, that vacation is in addition to the New York & Seattle trip taken in February but before our trips to Miami, FL and Thailand. Needless to say this year is filled with travel. We are both very lucky to have jobs that give us plenty of vacation per year which allows us to travel. However, most often when people find out about our travel plans they make comments that we must make a lot of money or ask how it is possible to travel so much in a year.

By the end of the year we will have taken 7 trips- 6 domestic and 1 international. While that definitely equates to a lot of money spent traveling, we have been very smart when it comes…

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Ragnar Relay So Cal Recap Part 3

Napa Valley here we come!

…And here I thought I could recap the race in 2 posts. That just shows how much goes on during Ragnar. Let’s finish it up with the finish line recap!

The last leg of Van #1

Van #1 headed to the start of our last exchange with Van #2 to try and catch some sleep. The two options were to sleep on the golf course near the exchange or in the van. Since the husband and I had only brought blankets, we decided it’d be warmer to stay in the van. While we stayed warm, we did not get much sleep before it was time to get up at 3am. We organized the car, got ready for the next round and set out to say goodbye to runner #1.

Unfortunately after I finished leg 2 and before I started my 3rd leg, things went downhill. I have never had problems with being dehydrated in any…

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